Mencari Juara Piala Dunia 2018

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World Cup is like a beautiful girl and charming. Graceful and fascinating. On the grabs of the crowd. To get it takes the right strategy. Flawless.

To get it needs a hard struggle. Can not rely on material and handsomeness. It takes time in preparing to seize his heart. Can not be half hearted. Many need sacrifices.

The quarter-final round will be rolled out starting July 6, 2018. There are two South American teams left.

World Cup 2018
Eight teams have made sure to enter the quarter-finals. Two of the world’s Americans, the rest represent Europe

Uruguay, it is being good-good. Brazil is commonly stable. Each generation always invites click amazed. Young Brazilian talent is not inexhaustible.

Both deserved to be wary of European teams. Anyone who challenges them.

Edinson Cavani and Luiz Suarez are included in the ranks of world stars. Looks solid in every game.

Full of spirit

Brazil is full of spirit. Comrades Neymar Jr. get injections of vitamins and minerals with its presence. Adding strength and vitality.

They are like a collection of band boys who sing along while laughing and laughing.

There is no visible burden. Always play off and straight. The correct process will give you good output.

The Russian host never tasted bitter against Uruguay. They were awarded 3 goals without expecting a change.

The European compositions of America and Europe in this quarter-final round, 1 to 3. European probability will be final to 66.7 percent. But everything could happen.

As far back as the quarter finals, only Belgium and Uruguay can achieve brilliant results. Both have never been defeated at all. France, Croatia and Brazil, from 4 matches, 3 wins, and one draw.

While Russia, England and Sweden once swallowed defeat, each one time.

The goddess of luck

When listened carefully, then the finalist favorites are Belgium and Uruguay. But the ball is round and stemless. It took 90 minutes to prove the preliminary results of this round.

Uruguay will face France. Belgium will fight Brazil. While in the semi-final only available 4 tickets. There are still two more matches to prove themselves as champions.

Who knows who will be shaded by the goddess of luck. Brazil who have subscribed champion, certainly not easily confronted.

Probability is not symmetrical with opportunity. Each has the same chance. But as host, Russia, not willing to hand over trophies to others. This is their home.

Not interesting, when out of the field while downcast flagging. Do not want to have tears of sadness. They dare not let his fans cry. Except for tears of victory.

All Russian society wants to print history. Want to feel how proud to lift the symbol of world soccer supremacy.

In this round only four teams have ever felt to be world champion. Even Brazil has brought home this trophy five times to his country.

After all, Russia wants to be like Uruguay, England or France. Host and win. That happened decades ago. This time Russia wants to try it.

But keep in mind, “step the Brazilian corpse first, if you want to get champions …”. That’s Brazilian fans all over the world … *.

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