“One Way Ticket” (2)

(Inspirational Story)

By Sandiaga Uno


Amidst the new passion for the world of work, Bank Summa gave me the opportunity to continue my  Master of Business Administration education at George Washington University, (GWU) Washington DC. Overseas America no longer feels strange to me. I enjoy learning assignments from this workplace. Beautiful dreams burst into the air, of course after completing this Master’s education I was able to pursue a higher career at Bank Summa.

Sandiaga Salahuddin

Living between sports, entrepreneurship and politics

The atmosphere of DC where there are far more Indonesian settlers than in Wichita also makes me  more comfortable. The first year of education at GWU went smoothly. I also have the opportunity to be actively involved with Indonesian student associations in America.

The end of every dream, good or bad, is awakened in consciousness. My sweet dream in the first year of college at GWU was suddenly confronted with a reality that had never been thought of before.

In the country, Bank Summa experienced liquidity difficulties which led to cases of bad loans. Om Williem, —William Soeryadjaya—, intervened to take over the ownership of Bank Summa and then pledged its share ownership in the most valuable assets of the Soeryadjaya family, Astra.

But all the efforts made by Om Williem, who ultimately lost ownership in Astra, could not save Bank Summa. The impact on me who is far away in America is really felt. My scholarship stopped just in the midst of my passion I wanted to immediately complete this Masters program. For me at the time, it was truly unethical in the midst of a big storm that was being faced by Bank Summa, to ask about the continuation of the scholarship.

In 1992, I seemed to be holding a one-way ticket again. Beautiful dreams that had flown in the sky of dreams, one by one broke like a helpless bubble. The re-examination again tested my instinct to survive. To complete the study coupled with the cost of living in America, my savings at that time were far from enough.


There is not much I can save from working for one and a half years at Bank Summa. I felt at that time, it was no longer worth bothering parents with the difficulties I faced. The problem with the termination of this scholarship is that I keep a meeting from my parents until I have successfully completed my studies at GWU. The only option available is to find a job and with money from the work I can continue to study.

When life challenged me to survive, at that time I was prepared to do any work as long as it was halal and enough to complete the study. It even occurred to be a dishwasher or cleaner. Fortunately, with above average academic achievement, I was able to apply for a job as a lab assistant at GWU. At that time I was paid US $ 3 per hour. I worked for a long time, because then the opportunity for higher-paying jobs became tutors with a salary of US $ 6 per hour.

Working while studying in a country really becomes a test of life discipline. I have to be clever at sharing time, so that work can support the lecture I’m taking, not the other way around. Here I also realize the importance of setting targets and priorities. My target at work is to get money to complete college. This means that lectures are a top priority that must be supported by my sincerity in work. Praise be to God Almighty, I am able to go through it well. I did not just succeed in completing studies at GWU, but returned to graduating with a summa cum laude.

I am twenty-three years old when I take my Master of Business Administration degree from George Washington University. With that young age, there is a temptation to accept other jobs in the midst of uncertainty surrounding Bank Summa. The dream of working in a large, well-established company is still possible, I may re-assemble. But since childhood, I used to be loyal to one thing.

I am loyal to one sport, basketball. I am loyal to one woman, from dating to becoming my wife, Nur Asia Uno. I am also loyal to the field of finance that I study. And in my opinion it is important to be loyal to banks that have given me the opportunity to work and then even to continue Master’s studies in America. Even if my career has to end, I want that decision to come from people who hire. I returned to Indonesia, still with the status of a Bank Summa employee.


On December 14, 1992, Bank Summa was liquidated by Bank Indonesia. I lost my job. My blind loyalty seems to be overwhelmed by reality. Looks like on the surface. But what really happened was those important and valuable times in my life. I have the opportunity to take a closer look at how Om Willem, a business mentor I admire so much, manages the crisis. From Om Willem I learned, that business is more than a matter of profit and loss but responsibility. So much will be sacrificed by Om Willem to return the customer’s money at Bank Summa, until finally Astra was built and he grew up in ownership.

In the long run, the crisis experienced by my place of work provided a far greater lesson when I later handled companies including banks that were “sick”. I often think, if at the point of crisis in 1992 I decided to leave Bank Summa just like that, of course I would never be able to walk this far in the business world. That is the lesson from the loyalty tree whose fruit I learned in the future.

Life goes on. Clockwork is never waiting for us to move. I decided to return to complaining about fortune overseas. One Way Ticket takes me to a neighboring country, Singapore. Faithful to the field I work in, finance, I work as a finance and investment analyst at Seapower Asia Investment Limited. A year later, my career rose when I joined MP Holdings Limited Group as an Investment Manager.

In 1995, when I was twenty-six years old, I joined NTI Resources Ltd, Canada as Executive Vice President. This work brought me back to North America, precisely Calgary Canada. At that young age, I was able to generate “six digit” dollar income. If success is measured by the speed of making money, then at the age of twenty-six I have succeeded. But the thing is, my life wheel never stops. In fact the wheel rotates faster than the wheels of life of many people.

With all the achievements I got, at that time I felt I was able to buy a “return ticket” from the one way ticket that was given by my father. The dreams of adolescence about an established life have come true. The reality was even more complete when I decided to marry my girlfriend from adolescence, Nur Asia Uno in 1996. One year later our first daughter Anneesha Atheera Uno was born. But precisely in the midst of this perfection of life, a very large test of life awaits me … (continued)

“One Way Ticket” (1)

(Inspirational Story)

By Sandiaga S Uno

Overseas has become a trace of destiny that I received. Long before I was born, my father, Razif Halik Uno left the land of Gorontalo born in the city of Bandung. My mother, Mien Uno, after getting married with my father also wandered away from the city of Bandung to the oil-rich interior of Rumbai.

Sandiaga Salahuddin

Living between sports, entrepreneurship and politics

Rumbai is the birthplace for me and my brother, Indra Cahya Uno. Like father and mother, the homeland has never been our land of residence. When I was in elementary school, my father moved to Jakarta. In the capital, my father built fortune and at that time I thought our adventure had reached the city of dreams. I also began to depend on the ideals in the sky of the capital.

It didn’t take long for me to adjust to life in Jakarta. I have no trouble getting new friends, because our house has always been a gathering place for school friends. This is because our house is always close to school. In terms of choosing a school, you have the principle that schools must be close to home. With that, he can still watch over us.

In addition, my passion for basketball also opens the door to association. One throw of the ball seemed to bring me a basket of friends. Until I graduated from high school, I enjoyed the comfort of Jakarta with all the dynamics of adolescence. I began to climb the stairs to achieve simple dreams. I want to study at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, then with a bachelor’s degree working in a bona fide company with enough salary to live well.

When all that comfort gripped my life, my father offered me an offer that I could not refuse. The offer was in the form of a ticket to go to college in the United States. One Way Ticket, without a ticket to return. The only way to return is to go there, complete the study as best as possible and only work opportunities can bring me back to Jakarta. It’s hard to describe my mixed feelings at that time. But clearly there is no jump in feelings of joy. I accepted the offer and the overseas episode began again.

Without internet and cheap flights, the world in the eighties looked very broad. America in my shadow is a wonderland with all the miracles that appear in news and movies. Coupled with stories from people who have been there about progress that is still a dream in the country. Skyscrapers, megapolitan hustle and millions of people from various races and backgrounds with endless busyness are Americans on the screen.


But when I set foot in a city called Wichita, the shadow faded into alienation. Back in the twenties, Wichita was known as “Air Capital of the World” because in that city several aircraft factories were built, but still far from my previous image of America.

There are no skyscrapers, the night feels much slower than Jakarta and there is no crowd of races, you could say Wichita is only occupied by white people. In addition, I arrived there in the winter just beginning. The perfect combination for Jakarta’s memories that continue to surround the mind.

Slowly I realized, wander the stranger like a wide white canvas to paint life. Alienation provides space for us to start everything from scratch because the new place does not provide the past. Although I had to forget my dream of studying at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, I remained loyal to the dream of pursuing accounting at Wichita State University (WSU).

WSU is the third largest campus in the state of Kansas. Most of the students come from the surrounding area, not many come from other states, especially abroad. I can’t hope to find many other Indonesian students here.

In that isolation, my instinct to survive was further honed. Studying in the land of people turns out to give me multiple motivation. Not to prove yourself to anyone but more to the need to survive. There are no other options available than stopping a diploma on time with a value that must be satisfactory. It didn’t take long for me to adjust to the rhythm of WSU campus life. Struggling with numbers, from an obligation turns into something fun.

Other routines are visiting the post office located on campus, sending and waiting for a letter from the country to arrive. Connecting by telephone is difficult for students with mediocre bags like me. But I sent a letter with my parents and also with my girlfriend who later became my wife, Nur Asia Uno, making me who used to be foreign with the world of writing to be fluent in telling stories. The return distance provides a bonus for me.


The learning routines that were really occupied made me not have many opportunities to develop wider relationships. In my opinion, it is a reasonable sacrifice for a handful of dreams to work in a large company for an established life. The dream of becoming a businessman wasn’t in my mind at that time. In fact, on the WSU campus it was the first time I seriously knew the word “entrepreneurship”. In 1988, at the beginning of my study there, the first stone was laid for the construction of Devlin Hall.

In 1990, with the end of my study at WSU, the building dedicated to the Center for Entrepreneurship was completed and stood majestically in the middle of the campus. Devlin Hall is one of the first campus buildings in the world for entrepreneurship development.

In addition, in the middle of the campus also stood a simple building that was recently moved from Bluff and Kellog Street in 1986, Pizza Hut Number One. The building was the first Pizza Hut store founded by two WSU students in 1958 which later became a worldwide franchise network. And even later I have the opportunity to have ownership in the franchise network in Indonesia.

Two years have not been felt since my father handed me a one way ticket. Thank God Alhamdulillah, I did not just get a Degree from the W Frank Barton Wichita State University School of Business but also complete with a summa cum laude predicate. Academic achievements in this country made me called back home, invited to join a Finance and Accounting Officer at Bank Summa. The bank, owned by Edward Soeryadjaya, at that time was one of the private banks that was growing rapidly.

Slowly, my dream of the world of work began to materialize. Being a junior at Bank Summa opened a wide opportunity for me to get to know the world of banking and finance. I followed the whole process that had to be experienced by a new worker, training, getting guidance from seniors who already had names in the banking world to work on jobs that seemed small and trivial to many people but important for self-development … (continued )

Sikap Ambigu Partai Gokar Dalam Menyongsong Pemilihan Presiden 2019

Cerita akan seru, bila Golkar merapat ke Prabowo. Tp itu sejauh ini belum terjadi. Setidaknya hingga hari ini baru selentingan isu. Baru berupa rumor sporadis.

Wacana itu bisa untuk meningkatkan posisi tawar terhadap Jokowi. Bisa juga karena ada ketidakpuasan kader. Sehingga pandangan fungsionaris Golkar terbelah. Ada peluang menuju Prabowo. Itu lantaran figur Airlangga dan Akbar Tanjung ada di sana.

Orang tua Airlangga, Hartarto dibesarkan oleh Pak Harto. Demikian juga Akbar Tanjung. Mereka diangkat kedudukannya oleh Pak Harto. Diberdayakan dan ditaruh di tempat terhormat.

Baik Hartarto, orang tua Airlangga, dan Akbar Tanjung bertahan lama di lingkaran dalam Cendana. Dan itu terjadi untuk puluhan tahun. Menghabiskan waktu separuh periode orde baru. Ada hubungan emosional antara mereka dan keluarga Pak Harto.

Partai Golkar

Strategi ambigu Partai Golkar dalam mencermati probabilitas kontestasi pemilihan umum presiden Republik Indonesia 2019

Partai Berkarya yang digagas Tomy, Hutomo Mandala Putra Soeharto, sudah jelas bersama Prabowo. Titiek Soeharto, mantan istri Prabowo, juga mendekat ke Prabowo.

Artinya, Prabowo masih merupakan figur yang mendapat dukungan dari lingkaran keluarga Pak Harto.

Namun di sini lain, siapa pun tahu Golkar itu partai unik. Terkadang sikapnya ambigu. Prioritasnya selalu atas dasar kepentingan. Bukan kesetiakawanan.

Sekretariat Bersama Golkar

Bermula dari sebuat sekber, kemudian jadi komunitas orang kekaryaan. Dan kini menggunakan partai di depannya.

Sejarah sekber (sekretariat bersama) golkar tidak lepas dari peran Jenderal Nasution dan Jenderal Soeharto. Sulit memisahkannya. Bertahun-tahun -siapapun ketuanya-, dewan pembinanya tetap Pak Harto.

Generasi pascareformasi ingin memisahkan antara nama Pak Harto dan Golkar. Misi ini dimulai sejak Akbar terpilih sebagai Ketua Umum.

Alasannya sederhana. Golkar harus bebas dari kekuatan lainnya di luar Dewan Pimpinan Pusat. Ketumlah yang sangat berkuasa untuk menentukan arah partai.

Mirip-mirip posisi Megawati saat ini. Power ada di dalam genggamannya. Siapa pun di bawah kendali ketuanya menjadi ibarat sapi dicucuk hidungnya dengan tali.

Prabowo, tak mapan sebagai politisi. Kalah cerdik dibandingkan kader Golkar. Prabowo polos, apa adanya. Tidak ada bakat licik.

Dia tentara murni yang sejak dulu belum pernah menikmati “dwi fungsi ABRI”. Dia terdidik sebagai seorang “petarung” di medan perang.

Liku-liku politik

Politik banyak lika liku; banyak sulo, banyak kepura-puraan, banyak tipu-tipu. Juga penuh intrik. Prabowo tak memiliki kemampuan untuk “melawan” itu.

Golkar terkenal sebagai gudang politisi ulung. Dari pucuk hingga kader. Mereka bisa bermain dalam kondisi lapangan becek sekalipun. Orang-orang lurus sulit menyesuaikan dengan pola permainan demikian. Bisa gamang.

Kemenangan Prabowo sebagai presiden bisa jadi akan mengunci Golkar. Ada kekhawatiran elit bila golkar kembali ke pangkuan keluarga Pak Harto. Dan bila Prabowo terpilih jadi presiden. Maka ini jadi gerbang penyambutan kembalinya si anak hilang.

Golkar telah terbelit oleh stigma tidak beroposisi. Siapa pun presiden Golkar selalu pintar membidik. Kebiasaan menjadi partai pemerintah membuat Golkar manja. Asal kadernya dapat jatah jabatan, apa pun dilakukan. Gaya politik Golkar memang dahsyat.

Dalam politik tidak perlu malu-malu kucing. Harus gamblang. Golkar selalu menghitung untung. Mengesampingkan rugi. Rugi itu tidak ada dalam kamus Golkar.

Mereka partai politik yang paling politis. Tidak separuh-separuh. Dia memegang teguh adagium politik. Selalu mengedepankan kepentingan.

Mendekat ke Prabowo

Wacana mendekat ke Prabowo menimbulkan keraguan. Namun dari sisi peluang kalah menang masih 50:50. Petahana masih diuntungkan. Mesin politiknya meluas. Bila efektif maka ini menguntungkan.

Para menteri, pejabat kepala daerah dan direktur BUMN mudah dikendalikan. Belum lagi dukungan kekuatan finansial.

Kompetitornya, hanya mengandalkan kocek Sandi dan Prabowo sendiri. Pasangan ini tidak memiliki “sahabat” yang berkantong tebal. Seumpama pengusaha kaya dan konglomerat.

Tapi bagaimana pun politik itu cair. Kesukaan masyarakat pendukung pasangan Prabowo-Sandi, bemunculan secara sukarela. Bahkan mereka siap mengeluarkan biaya dari kantong sendiri.

Militansi mereka dibangun bukan atas dasar dukungan finansial. Melainkan atas dorongan simbol-simbol yang bisa mempersatukan mereka…*.