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Menyongsong Pemilihan Umum Indonesia 2019

This is the 4th presidential and vice presidential election in the post-reform era. Or the ninth president of the Indonesian Republic.

Determination of the vice-presidential candidate was clear. Petahana Jokowi paired up with Ma’ruf Amin, an elder kyai from the Nahdhiyin circles; NU. This pair is carried by 8 parties.

While Prabowo-Sandiaga was carried by a four-party coalition, namely: Gerinda, PAN, PKS and Democrats.

Prabowo-Sandi is supported by scholars from various understandings. While the incumbent besides the ulama (especially NU), is also still supported by a group of businessmen who are classy as the conglomerates.

General election
Mascot of the 2019 Republic of Indonesia general election

They are also media owners. Financially, the incumbent’s position is very strong. The number of supporting political parties is also large.

Prabowo-Sandi has a support base of most Muslims to grassroots.

The call of scholars who joined in “Movement 212”, was very influential.

Joko-Ma’ruf also has an age-base of alit. Plus some of the residents of Nahdhiyin and other elements.

This is ideal polarization. But it is not an inter-religious contestation of religion. Religion is just a coincidence. Also departing from the party fusion color of the incumbent owner.

Academic reflection

Prabowo’s camp has already received a declaration of commitment from dozens of retired generals who are ready to support him.

Prabowo’s figure is very phenomenal in the military. Especially in the red beret corps environment. He was once the Commander of the Kopassus General (Danjen).

Eforia “miss the military” was also a factor. And Prabowo’s figure is suitable to represent that. His personality is identical to an intelligent military.

Sandi’s figure can represent young people. Educated millennials are attracted to Password. Her quality is excellent. S1 and Masters in America, he obtained with the title “summa cum laude”.

Interestingly, the password has now become a celebrity among mothers and women. That is also because it is supported by its flamboyant and straightforward appearance.

The campus element is not seen in the figure competition. Plans to include Prof. Dr. Mahfud MD canceled. So there is no reflection of academics there. Campus becomes a floating period ready to be contested.

Jokowi, who in the previous minutes appointed Professor Mahfud, changed the injury time without cause.

Before the final, the 8 party coalition sat down with incumbents, to decide on the vice president. And apparently Mahfud’s name didn’t come out. So Jokowi paired up with Ma’ruf Amin.

Prime Mover

Prabowo presidential candidate and vice president Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno were made moderate choices. The results of Ijtima ‘Ulama II, September 16, 2018, became a new momentum for this pair.

The agreement to support the Prabowo-Password is final coming from the National Movement for Fatwa Guards (GNPF). This is like being a ” prime mover “, which brings new energy. The majority of Indonesian Muslims will follow this decision.

But to win it does need a long way to go. The competition will be interesting. Incumbent attitudes and unfulfilled promises backfire for Jokowi. Its popularity was eroded due to several steps that were considered inappropriate.

Attractions in the opening of the 2018 Asian Games, give a bad impact. The President of the Republic of Indonesia, represented by a stuntman to give a welcome greeting to the participants and invitation when opening.

That night the president and the people of Indonesia were represented by a free styler , Saddum So, from Thailand. This is considered by observers as a choice of blunders.

When the presidential election is still seven months away. Everything can change in the course of time. What is expected in every election party is honesty. Including the professionalism of the organizing body and election supervisors.

Will Indonesia get a new president, or will the incumbent sit back as president …? People can determine … *.