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Apa Salahku…, Ramos…???

Mohamad Salah
The Portugal international who plays for Real Madrid has a sporty and empathetic attitude

Zidan is right. This match is not Ronaldo against Salah. But Madrid against Liverpool. Zidan’s signal tells that, every player is valuable. Have the same ability.

Bale and Karim, almost rarely make goals lately. The mainstay of the Spanish capital is always Ronaldo. From day to day.

Age does not make him dim. His kick was 85 percent accurate. and probabilits being a goal well above other player kicks.

The final game yesterday Ronaldo play lightly. No burden. The guarding for him also seemed loose. But in the second half Bale craze. The hair-like jabrik like Karius presents two goals for Zidane and Madrid lovers.

This victory is not just a supporter of Liverpool who cried. But make Barca fanatical supporters heavy goiter. The enmity of Catalunia with Madrid spread to drag the fans around the world.

Elan vital

This Olimpiyskiy stadium, Kiev, is really unfamiliar to Klopp’s troops. Impressed the new place is influential. Elan vital as when burying the dreams of Rome and Manchester City, really flying. Liverpool controlled less than 40 percent. Kehebatan Liverpoor as if exposed enchanted Zidane.

Madrid look perfect. Old Bale and Karim even played great. Though it’s a feedback from the Karim blunder.

Wrong, had to cry. Mane and Firmino who looked canglak so far lost the trengginas. Lucky Teungku Mane can steal a goal.

But this is not burying the spirit of Madrid. Or can give an injection of spirit for Liverpool. Lost wrong is a disaster

Old troops, who have been poor across the Champions League is actually rejoicing. Around 14 combatants in the Madrid squad once fought in this prestigious league. They are veterans of the Champions League.

While the Liverpool players, all of them, just this time feel the final fight in this championship. For Karius, the Liverpool goalkeeper, reaching the final of the Champions League is a dream come true.

He must surrender picked up the ball three times from the net. Decorated the celebration of Madrid’s joy. The fruit of his own carelessness.

The most filthy player

Madrid hero that night legitimately belongs, Ramos. His task as destroyer repeated it well. Coldly he drove Salah out of the field. For the rest of the game, the burden of Madrid’s defense is reduced.

Every prestigious game, Ramos did not hesitate to work on potential opponent players. This time it’s wrong to feel it.

In the note, Sergio Ramos is the most squalid player in Europe. Some even nicknamed him as a rancid player. Total acceptance of cards for him as much as 37. More than ever received players any part of the world. Two of them are direct red cards to throw them out.

What to do with Salah, may be a technical scheme of “wrestling” locks that are deliberately trained. Flicking a hand as he dropped to clamp hands. Locked one.

Wrong grimace and cry sobbing. While Ramos, can still laugh sumringah when Salah guided out …. What is my fault …, Ramos … ???

That’s how football, the beauty of the art of playing, often tainted with ambition to seize victory … *.