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Félicitations les blues…!

This year’s World Cup Competition is over. The people of France are in bloom to welcome their favorite team to bring the title. They cheered happily.

After twenty years ago this rooster team back to carve history. In the span of time France had shown his tactics to win the European Cup in 2000. Peru, Uruguay and Argentina removed in extraordinary way.

French champions, had a stunning journey. From the group stage to the championship, France won 6 times. And only once experienced draw, when detained Denmark.

While Croatia won the game 6 times and only once lost to France when meeting in the final.

Les blues
Antoine Griezmann one of the many troublesome French star defensive opponent

In the final which was held on July 15, 2018, France had made trouble by Modric and his friends.

Croatia’s misfortune came when Mandzukic’s head touch in the 18th minute, fruitful as an opening goal for France.

But Perisic paid his partner’s debt to his country 10 minutes later.

Winner mentality

In a state of distress France tried to calm down. Mental champions are still embedded within them.

The spirit once defeated Croatia in the 1998 PD, kept confident. Griezmann added a goal saving for his team from the penalty box.

But Croatia is really being crazy. Attacks continue to be built to match the position. The ball flowed into the French defense in waves.

Goals from Pogba’s feet add to Vetreni’s wound. Do not get there. France’s future player, Mbappe changed Croatia’s desire. With a measured horizontal kick, he donated a closing goal for his country.

Mandzukic’s goal in the last 20 minutes of the second half was not enough to change things. Croatia must surrender to runner up World Cup 2018.

This is the second sweet memory for coach Didier Deschamps in the World Cup. When leading the 1998 French team, Didier lifted this trophy with Zidane and his friends. After throwing Brazil 3-0 in the final.

For Croatia coach Zlatco Dalic, this is the second tear after Lilian Thuram’s 2nd goal, erasing the Croatian victory at the foot of Davor Suker. At that time Zlatko cried witnessing his compatriots, must be submissive in the hands of the host, France.

Suker’s goal became meaningless, thanks to Thuram. With two goals from his feet is enough to lead them to the final. And France also won his first world title.

Pattern 4-2-3-1

The final duel of this world cup is so interesting. Equally applying a 4-2-3-1 pattern, Deschams puts Giroud to the forefront of Mandzukic. But Mandzukic had time to donate one goal for his team.

Croatian game, really invite click amazed. About goals, just waiting for time. But unfortunately the game time has been limited. Throughout the 90 minutes, Vetreni only able to produce 2 goals.

While France played effectively. All goals come from a good cooperation. So often create chaos in the box 16 of Croatia. The first crisis produced an own goal.

The second resulted in a penalty kick. The third led to a wild ball converted into a goal by Pogba.

Goal cover of Mbeppe, became the second cleanest goal he created. After a similar patron occurred against Argentina.

Krosia has struggled, but luck is not on their side. With excellent quality players, Croatia gives pride. Vatreni managed to penetrate up to the final round. And this is the first time in the history of the former Yugoslavia.

And they must be satisfied to bring home silver as an entertainer for the people … *.